Several calves gathering at the fence at the MX2 Ranch

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See what’s available for purchase at the Mx2 Ranch.

Available Stock

See what’s available for purchase at the Mx2 Ranch.

Several calves gathering at the fence at the MX2 Ranch

Available Calves

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Available Calves


Miss Amelia is a sweet little Chocolate Nugget! Born to our HighDex Aisla, she is a little sister to dun Esther..who is a yearling in our breeding program. Her sire is rockstar Ziggy Stardust & immediately after her birth, she hopped up & began nursing..she’s an active little spitfire! Born on a rainy day…pictures don’t do her justice.


Beau is a dreamy black and white High Park-son of Jon Snow and mama Silver Belle, with extraordinary markings and tons of hair. Born on Friday the 13th…he is anything but Unlucky! We have just received genetic test results & Beau IS chondro-positive, like his sire. Beau will be available after weaning, to the ‘Lucky’ farm who chooses him as their future herd sire!


Chloe is a silver 5/8 Highland girl from daddy Ziggy Stardust and mama Carmel…who is a butterscotch/white Galloway-Charolais cross. She is a stunning girl and will be available after weaning and socialization.


Dani is a trickster! We were ‘sure’ this sweet mid-sized gal was a dun, but genetic testing proved us wrong. Dani is a silver! Super friendly, she nibbles at our pockets…knowing that is where we keep the treats. Dani will be registered with HHCA & will be a beautiful addition to your breeding program.

Dougal the Red

THIS little red headstrong dude, lol. Less than 12 hrs old, he stood up & head-butted Russell here…as he did not want to be moved. We think he is ready for his role in the movie Braveheart! Mama Dazzle and Daddy Ziggy Stardust created this handsome guy with a huge personality and no fear. Born on October 2, we look forward to watching him develop as we wean and work to socialize him, before he leaves for his future farm family.


Lainey is a chip-off-the-Daddy-Jon Snow block! A black and white High Park from our sweet mama Lola, she seems to have taken after her Dad’s feisty personality..what a spunky monkey! She has been weaned and is currently in pasture with other under-yearling calves…enjoying her cookie treats and beginning halter work.

Liam calf claimed


This handsome dun bull calf is from black mama Loretta and silver daddy Ziggy Stardust. Born October 11, he will be with his mama until weaning & socialization, and then become available. Sidenote: Liam is half-brother to Lainey’s mama HE is an uncle to little feisty Lainey!..(it’s a family affair, lol).


Sweet Magnolia is a little red Nugget from mama Marge & our Ziggy. She is our last calf born this year & is born into a pasture full of pals to play with! She is negative chondro, but will be dna tested for color & extension. Lil Miss Magnolia will be registered & ready to go after weaning.


What a sweetheart! This shiny white fluffball was born to one of our sweetest little mamas…Mae-Mae. And we find that calm, sweet mamas produce similar calm-sweet babies! She was born August 11, & can be seen playing in the field with the other cow-babies. She is with her mama & available after weaning & socialization.


Opal is a fluffy mid-sized girl who has dam bloodlines from Grand Harvest Heritage Breeds of Wisconsin and is a daughter of AHCA DB20 Carlos. She is weaned, socialized & likes her treats; running to the humans…expecting her range cube! She will be registered with HHCA & will bring some great breeding genetics to your fold.

Paisley calf claimed


Miss Paisley is a lively little ‘redhead’ who can be seen racing around the pasture! She is being registered, and is weaned and ready to go.] to her new home. We are very close to her taking treats..,currently she loves to tease us! She comes very close, with the other little cookie-monsters…then dashes away kicking up her heels. Obviously a new fun game for her!

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue is a chunky-monkey dun who came to Mx2 Ranch with her friendly mama Patty Jo. They came from a family who were sadly selling their herd, due to health concerns. Peggy Sue is still with her mama, but will be available after weaning & socialization. Both Peggy Sue & her mama are being registered with HHCA.


This little dude arrived around Thanksgiving & hardly slowed down at all, lol. We finally submitted his tail hairs for dna testing & he’s confirmed white. Mama Disco & sire Ziggy Stardust created a spunky little man who will throw some great color, as a future herd sire after our weaning & socializing process.


Obviously this little guy HAD to be named Ragnar, with a white majestic mama from Minnesota named Lagatha..and some possible  ‘Viking’ in his background, lol. With his very dark nose, silver is suspected as his color..but genetic tests will confirm. Handsome Ragnar will be registered and available to become your Herdsire, bringing in some stellar bloodlines to your herd.


Hunky, chunky, white Remington is a little dreamboat born to gorgeous mama Roxie and suspected baby-daddy Ziggy Stardust. We await genetic parentage confirmation..just like on the Maury Show, lol. Born October 5, he will be a handsome addition as a future herd sire, after weaning and socialization.


This ‘shiny’ little dude was just born from silver mama Queenie and silver sire Ziggy Stardust! He will bring some gorgeous colors and traits to your fold, as a future herd sire. He allows us to rub him and his personality is just emerging. He will be raised by his mama, be registered, have his DNA tested and be ready to go at weaning!

Available HCCA Registered Mamas

Mx2 Ranch is in process of doing some downsizing, and are offering some of our HHCA registered mamas exposed and confirmed to our silver superstar, Ziggy Stardust…check back as more will be added.

Mx2 Dazzle

Dazzle is a friendly, 3 yr old mid Highland who takes treats, easily calved last September & is a good mama. She has been exposed to our Ziggy Stardust & will be vet checked to confirm in our upcoming appointment.

Mx2 Disco

Disco is a 6 yr old mid dun Highland, who takes treats & throws hairy calves, including a silver & a white for Mx2. She is pregnancy confirmed & due this fall with a calf from our Ziggy Stardust.


Miss Kate is a sweet super hairy, 4 yr old dun Highland, whose earliest previous owner dehorned this girl.(and all of her other Highlands..?) She is shyer by nature, but allows touching & brushing, as we work with her to take treats. Exposed to Ziggy Stardust, she will be passing on her cool hairy genetics & will be confirmed bred in our upcoming vet appointment.

Mx2 White Girl

White Girl is a white mid-size Highland, aged 5 who takes treats & is friendly. A great mom, she has given us beautiful calves & is exposed to Ziggy Stardust; and will be vet confirmed bred in our upcoming appointment.